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Experience the financial market at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

XTS Mobile trader lets retail trader and investor quickly and easily access the financial markets and perform trading operation on favorable conditions. View market prices, analytics, research information and executes trades with ease and speed from your Android or iOS mobile device.
With XTS Mobile Trader, you can never miss a good trading and investment opportunities while you on move.

Online trading platform for quick and easy access to financial markets

XTS web trader is a advance trading platform accessible from any computer with an internet connection. An advanced, fast, powerful and simple-to-use web based trading platform that comes with all the features and functionalities.

Perfect for Active Trader to optimize your Trading efficiency

XTS TWS is advance trading front-end interface for professional trader and broker-dealers offers reliable, feature rich and fast trading terminal for scanning opportunities and efficiently execute them.The XTS TWS is an installed version supporting multiple market and asset class. With its rapid and advance order management system, the account, position management and risk monitoring is accessible at your finger tip.


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Investing in shares or equities is undoubtedly the best route to long-term wealth creation and accumulation.


Today, Commodities have evolved as the next best option after stocks and bonds for portfolio diversification.

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Mutual fund provides an excellent avenue for equity investments for passive investors.


With ABSTOX you’ll get dual benefits of trading and depository services that are efficient, risk-free and prompt.

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We are one of prominent domestic stock brokers, we offers our clients the entire range of products on the stock markets: trading facilities.

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